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Pamela Fuller 26 Feb 2020
I would definitely recommend Buckeye Motor Sales! The whole staff is very friendly and helpful. They all work together to make sure your taken care of and still work their butts off to put you in a vehicle you love.
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Tara McLoughlin 01 Sep 2019
I don't what it is with car dealerships lately. Service after the sales is sorely lacking. I really thought this review would be a 5 star experience given that in the first week following my son's purchase of used G37 from Buckeye Motor Sales, they brought the car in to repair the radiator. No qu...estions asked. I thought "WOW". BUT... They are now in breach of contract and don't appear to be very motivated to do anything about it. You see there was an engine light that came during the test drive. They used a code reader to determine that it was a very small evac leak. They thought it was a loose gas cap but said that if the code comes back on within 14 days, they would fix the problem. This commitment was written into the contract. Additionally, we worked an arrangement to have them repaint the hood at our expense, for which they've already been paid. Again, this is in the contract. My son has had the car for six weeks and has contacted Steve (the manager) more times that I can count on two hands, yet the evac problem persists and hood remains unpainted. If he is not outright ignoring my son's calls, he simply commits to getting the work scheduled and calling back with the date/time. The problem is, he doesn't call back. If he is truly the manager, he has a lesson to learn in appropriately setting and managing customer expectations. Bottom-line, Buckeye Motor Sales is in breach of contract. I guess it's time to get the AG/BBB involved and potentially place a call to our attorney. This behavior is exactly what gives "Used Car Sales" such a bad rep. 8/7/2019 Update Steve called my son last night to arrange to have the work completed. It is now scheduled! More to follow. I really appreciate the response from the owner to this situation. It shows that he cares about the reputation of his business. Having said that, after repeated attempts to get the problem resolved, it's unfortunate that it took a bad review to get movement. 8/31/2019 Update Brad, the owner, was very accommodating and, in fact, delivered everything as agreed. He was extremely apologetic and genuinely interested in resolving our complaints. Thank you for coming through Brad! Show more
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